Matian Notebook


Matian presents high quality Notebooks designed & printed in Armenia

The story

Our story began in 2018. “Matian” in Armenian means journal, here comes the name of the brand. Keeping the tradition of writing, Matian team was passionate to create perfect notebooks to motivate writing, planning, creating and organizing life goals.
We all know, that hand writing versus typing improves memory recall and encourages critical thinking. Therefore, Matian team create notebooks that can be used as an excellent information management technique with its various ruling options, page layouts and unique cover designs.

From the vast variety of options, we guarantee you to find something that matches your style and essence in the most beneficial way. We provide you with high-quality products that will serve you adequately. That’s priority, for sure.

We create designs in-house and print in a local printing house. Our designer’s team work on each design so you can enjoy looking at notebook covers and keep with you at all times.

In short, our passion is to provide perfect quality coming to your hands.

Matian: the ART Set

Matian team is not limited just with the idea of writing, while creating notebooks. Notebooks are educative as well.

ART notebooks include brief biography of famous painters, exclusive facts about their lives, memorable quotes and bookmarks with outstanding works of ART. On top of that, ART sets include thematic bookmarks and pins. As a result, the educative notebooks with canvas cover bring you closer to ART. They create awareness about artist’s life and works, motivate, boost creativity and, of course, give perfect experience of note-taking.
In other words, the concept is to transform daily note-writing into a mind nurturing experience.

Matian was established with one simple goal – to deliver the concept of the best Notebook to the consumer, even the most scrupulous. We are all about delivering quality products that give one of a kind experience. Our passion for stationery products drives us to go to extraordinary steps at every turn and discover satisfied consumers around.

Our mission

We aim to
  • create notebooks that spark joy in your lives,
  • motivate to plan and organize your goals,
  • help discover your identities and express creativity,
  • transform the daily note-writing into a mind nurturing experience,
  • inspire every generation to write, plan and create.

Keeping a notebook and writing down on paper is always useful. It helps to organize your goals, boosts your creativity and relieves stress.