[ lav ]


For us [lʌv] is…
-a moment
-a seed
-a hug

and we want to encourage you to think of what [lʌv] is for you …

[lʌv] united the 3 co-authors of the brand. The idea was to create a fresh, feminine, yet unisex high-quality product made in Armenia and make it available for everyone

[lʌv] shampoos and conditioner stand out for their…
-exclusive customized fragrance
-amazing feeling of soft, bouncy and manageable hair
-natural extracts directly from Armenian nature

The main idea behind the brand is to showcase the nature of human’s beauty in esthetically sensual way emphasizing through the movement of the body, selfcare importance and the of love for every aspect of the daily routine.

[lʌv] brings the spa experience Into the comfort of your own home.