Ochre finds its name from the landscape of the Shirak region of Armenia, where Gyumri is situated. While most of the time we imagine ochre as golden yellow, in fact the shade of ochre can vary from yellow to red or brown, sometimes even with a purple or blue tint.

This game of colours can be seen in the landscape of Amasia and in the shades of the wool of the sheep that graze there.

OCHRE was established in 2020 as an arts-based social enterprise with the aim of merging creative ideas and artisanal resources in order to craft artist-designed, artisan-made products for everyday use.

The products designed by OCHRE combine functionality, aesthetics, respect for the environment, and local craftsmanship traditions.

The wool used in production is pure Armenian wool sourced from shepherds in the Shirak and Syunik regions.

We collaborate with various manufacturers and artisans across Armenia. Each craftsman brings their unique expertise, knowledge, and approach to the creation of these objects. In a dialogue, the objects imagined by the artists are brought to life in reality.

We at Ochre are deeply interested in the ordinary things that surround us. Each of them is a testament to its time, born from the power of imagination and continuing to shape our perception of the world.

Our aim is to influence the very fabric of everyday life. Through the creation of sustainably produced, durable, and aesthetically pleasing blankets, rugs, and other interior items, we seek to enrich your days, bring harmony, and ignite your imagination.